Prism | Bubbler
Prism | Bubbler
Prism | Bubbler
Prism | Bubbler
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Prism | Bubbler

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The Prism Bubbler is ideal for sun shelves, steps, beach entries to create a vivid fountain water feature. 

  • Energy-efficient Hight Brightness LED with vibrant colors. 
  • Designed for 2 in. - 10 in. of water depth.
  • Plume height up to 24 in. 
  • Niche provides for flush mounting.
  • Compatible with controllers from major brands.
  • Simple installation for different pool finishes. 
  • Pre-programmed LED Light Shows and Bright Static Colors.
  • Independent White LED delivers high-quality White Lighting. 
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Bright Plume

The Prism Bubbler uses a beam focusing lens to create a brightly lit plume of water that can be upto 24 inch in height.
The bubbler light head nozzle allows for operation with water depths from 2 to 10 inches.  

Cool - Where it Matters

Prism | Bubbler allows for water to move behind the light. A double O-Ring seal ensures that the water can safely circulate around the main body of the light while meeting the required pressure test standards to prevent water ingress into the electrical conduit.
This takes advantage of the water to cool the light allowing for high brightness while ensuring a long lifetime of the product.
The pool light body uses a thermally conductive plastic that is housed inside a plastic cage. This ensures that the heating and cooling of the heatsink over time does not create any cracks eliminating the failure mechanism typical in pool lights where thermally conductive plastic is overmolded on an aluminum body. 

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Small Form Factor

The Prism bubbler measures 3 inches in diameter giving the option of installing it in small areas such as steps. Also, the smaller area allows easier implementation on surfaces that slightly inclined 

Third Party Controller Compatibility

Prism pool lights ship with a preset show mode based on your order, but can be changed at anytime between different operation modes. 

  • Pentair Light Shows and Colors
  • Hayward Light Shows and Colors
  • Jandy Light Shows and Colors
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Nominal Supply Voltage12-14VAC 50/60Hz
Protection RatingIPX8
Temperature Range14F ~ 104 F Water Tempearture
Power Consumption White/Blue4 VA Max Per Light
Power Consumption6 VA Max Per Light
Fault ProtectionRun Dry Thermal Shut Off / Over Current Fuse Protection
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  • Prism | Bubbler Gunite / Concrete Replacement Niche
  • Prism | Bubbler Pressure Test Plug
  • Prism | Bubbler O-Ring Set